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We are proud to announce that B&G Windows are a registered installer for ERA Lockguard the Suppliers of Lockguard security handles. ERA are registered with secure by design and all the handles have been tested to the BS/EN 1906. These handles are fully compliant with British Standard (BS) and European Standards (EN) and meet both the Police and Fire Authority needs.
Crime figures show that there are almost a million burglaries each year with just 75% reported. Over one hundred and seventy five thousand are via unlocked doors and windows even when the home is occupied! There have been more than twenty five million burglaries reported in the past twenty years.
Homes are generally secure when properly locked, but it is estimated that the majority of all ˜back doors are not locked when the home is occupied.

Here are just some of the function and features of these handles:

  • No more keys required to double lock your door during household occupation, which is great for those who forget to double lock or people who have trouble lifting the handle to double lock the door.
  • Extra security, deadlocks door preventing access from the outside even with a key.
  • When the handle is up on the inside it cannot be locked from the outside, which prevents accidental lockout.
  • Easy emergency escape and“ no hunting for keys.
  • One handle fits most types of doors and comes at a standard price.

We know these handles are of good quality, easy to use and are a valuable investment. If you would like to discuss the product or would like to enquire about having these handles fitted please do not hesitate to contact us.

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